Massillon, & Canton Mayors Catazarro & Bernabei; Reading the Proclamation Declaring June 16, 2018
Stark County Heroin Awareness Day


 The mission of F.A.T.H.E.R.S. is to raise awareness of the Heroin Epidemic, and to promote access to the information and resources available in Stark County.  Our focus is on the families of those addicted to Opiates.

Through partnerships with CommQuest Services, the Stark County Sheriff's Department, the Stark County Opiate and Addiction Task Force and other addiction support groups, we strive to identify and address ways in which treatment and law enforcement systems can best serve the needs of these families.  We are dedicated to the promotion of unity and the common good through cooperation with any and all organizations engaged in the support of those affected by addiction.


The following projects are made possible by the generosity

of the sponsors & participants of the F.A.T.H.E.R.S. Motorcycle Poker Run:

  • Funded advertising for new CommQuest treatment initiatives

  • Community awareness initiatives for the Stark County Sheriff’s anonymous drug tip line

  • Epidemic and resource awareness signs in communities across Stark County

  • Funding for Judge Forchione’s Stop Heroin from Killing billboard campaign

  • Help cards made available to all first responders, social service agencies and members of the Opiate and Addiction Task Force

  • Help cards supplied for the Canton City Public Health SWAP Program

  • Facilitated the inclusion of a trained peer support professional at the SWAP program to promote access to treatment services.

  • Developed /funded the F.A.T.H.E.R.S  K.I.D.S. support and prevention education day camp program in 2018 and 2019

  • Development and maintenance of the innovative public service website starkheroinepidemic.org  which lists all available addiction treatment, recovery, and support services in Stark County.

  • Enhanced family visitation initiatives at Wilson Hall including an indoor children’s play area and a piano for music therapy and residential life enrichment for the clients.

  • 2019 Day of Giving $2500 grant match challenge for a playground at Wilson Hall.

  • 2020 Day of Giving grant match challenge for funding of the Education Specialist at the adolescent campus.

  • playground/outdoor recreation area at CommQuest Massillon campus- pending due to Covid

  • Funding support for CommQuest school-based prevention education program

  • CommQuest staff appreciation day meals

  • Funding assistance for these  school-based mental health and drug prevention education programs 
    ✏️Elementary School: Botvin LifeSkills Training that focuses on health relationships and healthy coping.
    ✏️ Middle School: All Stars Prevention that focuses on healthy choices and resistance skills.
    ✏️ Coping and Support Training (CAST) that focuses on mental health and recovery.
    ✏️ And for families: Strengthening Families and Strong African American Families, which increase protective           factors, family skills, and cultural pride.

                        Thank you riders, friends, volunteers and supporters!

About Our Partner/ Beneficiary

CommQuest Services is the largest not-for-profit mental health and social services organization in Northeast Ohio, working with clients from over 34 counties in 12 facilities through 30+ programs. They serve their clients through outpatient services, residential facilities, a detox facility, homeless shelter, social and payee center, and many more.

To begin your recovery journey at their detox facility, simply walk-in to Aultman Hospital's Main Campus Emergency Room, 24/7, and ask for detox services. The first step to recovery can be the hardest, but they will guide you every step of the way.


CommQuest also offers residential services for those in need of an intensive, longer-term treatment option. They have three options for residential treatment which include a men's residential center, Wilson Hall; a women's residential center, Deliverance House; and their Adolescent Center for ages 14-19. Addiction is a disease no one should fight alone.

CommQuest provides the support needed for individuals to learn to live a happy, sober life and teaches them the skills to maintain long-term sobriety. If you are in need of addiction treatment services, please call 330.994.1450 to get started today. For more information on these services, call 330.455.0374 or visit www.commquest.org/residential-care/.


CommQuest's outpatient counseling services help those struggling with mental health and addiction issues stay on their path to recovery, providing a constant support system to help them continue to develop the skills they need to live their healthiest, happiest life. To set-up an appointment with a counselor, please call 330.994.1450 to get started today. For more information on these services, call 330.455.0374 or visit www.commquest.org/pathtoservices/.

​CommQuest's Medicated Assisted Recovery Clinic is also a great asset to many on their recovery journey. The program is designed to provide treatment to individuals addicted to opioids such as heroin, morphine, or prescription medications. Each client enrolled in the program receives an individualized recovery plan designed to reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms without the euphoric effects. CommQuest's clinic utilizes Methadone, Suboxone, and Vivitrol. When used in combination with addiction counseling services, MAR has proven highly effective in assisting men and women in their recovery from opiates.


Addiction is a disease that affects everyone near to the person in active addiction. To help these loved ones, CommQuest offers a Family Support Group where participants learn to understand addiction as a disease, how to recognize and stop enabling behaviors, share coping strategies, and so much more. The group is held at their Market Avenue Outpatient location, 1341 Market Ave. N, Canton, OH 44714, every Tuesday from 5:30-7 p.m. in the second floor Billow Conference Room. No appointment needed. There are limited in-person spaces currently. Please call Robert Cox at 330-453-8252 EXT. 5249 to confirm in-person availability and discuss options to call in remotely.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, CommQuest can help! Please call 330-455-0739 for more information or visit www.commquest.org. To set up an appointment, please call 330-994-1450.